God also speaks to us through the CHURCH

Let’s look at it closely. Maybe we can start with the part that is most difficult to understand, though I believe that it is easier for the children, like you, to get it, than the adults (remember what Jesus said about adults needing to be like little children in order to get to heaven?).
So we know that Jesus during the last supper with his friends before He died, said: “This is my body, which will be given up for you…this is my blood which will be poured out for you and for many ….DO IT IN THE MEMORY OF ME”. Now that is what happens during every Mass you go to, in church. Jesus is real, He is present in that white little wafer, which we call “the host”, “the Eucharist” or “the communion” during every Mass. When the priest says a special prayer, which we call the Eucharistic prayer, we believe that Jesus’ promise becomes true. He transforms the bread (in the form of that little white wafer) into His body and the wine into His blood.
This is the food that our souls need. This is our heavenly bread. Is it not incredible that Jesus makes Himself present to us hidden in communion? And He promised that He will be with us to the end of time. Wow!
So we prepare ourselves carefully for the first time we receive communion. We need to have some understanding WHOM we receive. My babcia used to say that I will be a true angel on the day of receiving my First Holy Communion and I can tell you that I still remember feeling like a real angel on that day. I had learned all the stories, which I wrote down for you, I had learned all the prayers and the catechism (even though at that time, I did not really understand all those things which I knew by heart) and I enjoyed saying my prayers daily and going to church for different services. I guess you could say, I was a “goodie two shoes”.