Mass Intentions 22nd to  30th January 2022

Saturday(vigil) 22nd 6.00pm – Rosie D’Souza, R.I.P. (Carmen Zuzarte)
Sunday 23rd 9.30 – Phyllis Cordwell, R.I.P. (Sheila Cannon)
                        11.00am – Pro populo
Monday 24th – No public Mass
Tuesday 25th 9.30am – Dominic and Emilia Zuzarte, R.I.P. (G. D’Souza)
Wednesday 26th – No public Mass
Thursday 27th 9.30am – Martis Zuzarte, R.I.P. (G. D’Souza)
Friday 28th 7.30pm – Souls in Purgatory, R.I.P. (G. D’Souza)
Saturday 29th 9.30am – Delphine D’Silva, R.I.P. (G. D’Souza)
             (vigil) 6.00pm – Serafina Zuzarte, R.I.P. (G. D’Souza)
Sunday 30th 9.30am – Margaret Tierney, R.I.P.
                      11.00am – pro populo

If you wish to have a mass said for any intention, please write clearly the following and hand it directly to the Parish Priest:

    • Your intention for the mass. * (wellbeing; recovery from illness; success in exams; for the dead – r.i.p.; peace in the world; …. or any other intention.
    • Donor’s name and telephone number (if you wish to be contacted)
    • Date that you wish the mass to be said. I will do my best to pray the intention on the day requested though it may not always be possible.

Please note:

  • Funeral mass may supersede the intention of the day
  • “Pro Populo” literally means “for the people” – this is usually the intention at the 11am mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation.