Dear Parishioners,

Please check this page and I will keep you updated on the situation as it develops.

If you are unable to leave your home for any reason please phone me and leave a message if I am not here. You may also contact me by email. There are a number of parishioners who are willing to go shopping, collect your medication or run other errands for you. I would like to thank you all for your concern for those who are vulnerable. Keep well and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

My private email address is:

Fr Patrick Ryan

30th August 2020, 22nd Sunday ordinary time (year A)

Dear Parents
Please contact me as soon as possible with regard to prepare new dates for your children First Holy Communion. I intend to limit the number of children receiving communion to 4 per mass, to allow you to invite close members of family for this wonderful event. Contact me with your name and address via e-mail or text on my mobile phone 077 75528926

Fr Patrick Ryan


  • Entrance and exit doors will be held open at the beginning and end of Mass to prevent people from touching door handles, knobs, or push plates.
  • Church windows will be left open to improve air circulation.
  • Please always follow the directions of the ushers.
  • Maintain the 2 meters of safe distancing.
  • Face masks must be worn by all during the entire Mass, except when receiving Holy Communion.
  • Restrooms will be inaccessible/closed during Mass.
  • The Chapel will be cleaned, and all high touch areas disinfected at the end of every day.
  • Additionally, those who attend Mass in the Chapel will be provided sanitizing hand wash.
  • The seating capacity due to social distancing for the Masses at Holy Family will be limited to 30 individuals


  • Please remain seated.
  • For Holy Communion, the faithful will remain in their places.
  • The priest will sanitize his hands prior to distributing Holy Communion.
  • The Priest will instruct you when to approach the sanctuary for Communion.
  • You will approach the priest one at a time to receive communion.
  • The priest, wearing face mask, will approach you and stop approximately at arm’s length.
  • You will need to remove your face mask in preparation to receive the Body of Christ.
  • The priest will say: Body of Christ, and you will respond: Amen.
  • Extend your hand to receive the Host on your hand
  • Then step aside place the Body of Christ carefully and reverently into your mouth.
  • Replace your mask over your nose and mouth and return to your seat.
  • A collection drop-off basket will be placed on the altar at the back of the church if you wish to drop off your offertory contribution.


o You must sign up first. Please do this by Thursday. Do not come without signing up.

You can do this by supplying your name and contact number by Telephone, A note through the Priest’s letterbox, A text message to 07775 528926 or email to

o This sign up system is necessary due to the possible need for contact tracing if a person attending Mass is later diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Please avoid coming to the mass if you are in the high-risk group

In the Government document Guidance for the safe use of places of worship from 4th July, published on the 29th June, reference was made to the ‘NHS Test and Trace service’ which has been set up ‘…to manage the risk of the virus re-emerging.’ This states: ‘…In line with other government guidance for other venues … you should assist this service [NHS Test and Trace] by keeping an accurate temporary record of visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your place of worship, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed for contact tracing and the investigation of local outbreaks.’
A message from Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the President of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, on the 29 June included the following key point relating to the Government Guidance:
‘The Guidance seeks cooperation in the ‘Test and Trace’ system by our keeping a record of those attending a church at any one time. The Guidance states that it will explore with us ways that are ‘manageable’ and mentions the pre-booking systems of regulating those who come to church. One way that this cooperation could be achieved is with a system of pre-completed cards giving the names of those attending public worship and a contact number, to be placed in a bag/box on entry and then retained securely for 21 days.’
The request for cooperation with ‘Test and Trace’ was not foreseen when the original guidance was created by the Bishops’ Conference, hence this additional email only a few days before the 4th July. I appreciate that this will feel like additional bureaucracy at an already challenging time. I am sorry for any additional burdens which it places upon you. It means, however, that Parishes should endeavour to create an accurate temporary record of those who attend Mass or another service in the church from the 4th July. The record should include:

  • the name of the person / household group;
  • A note of a suitable method for “Test and Trace” staff to make contact, i.e. a mobile phone number, email address, other phone number, or postal address;

The record should be collected as people enter church for Mass and retained securely for 21 days. Please keep records for each Mass separately in a secure envelope which clearly states the time and date of the Mass attended. The choice of method for recording this information is to be made by each parish. Among the possible options available are:

  • A advance booking system which will record contact details as people ‘book’ a place for Mass
  • Pre-completed cards to be filled in at home and brought to Mass.
  • Stewards recording the relevant details as each person arrives for Mass

Information recording must be done in a manner which meets the guidance for preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This will include not providing pens for reuse. If a visitor initially refuses to cooperate:

  • They should be asked to do so politely, reassuring them that this is in line with Government advice and an act in service of the common good for the potential benefit of all present.
  • If they do not wish to do so they should be invited to leave.
  • If any individual becomes aggressive and/or refuses to co-operate with any of the hygiene or social distancing requirements, this should be reported to the police.

I appreciate that this additional burden comes at short notice. I also recognise that some of you may have already put this in place having read the guidance. The Catholic Church along with other groups has been given the opportunity to resume limited public worship in advance of some other activities and it is important that we demonstrate our seriousness by cooperating to the best of our ability with all that the Government is asking of us. For the benefit of everyone, we will do all we can to ‘control the virus and save lives.’
If any further amendments or clarifications from the Bishops’ Conference about this, I will, of course, pass these on as soon as possible. With my deep appreciation for all that you are doing, and my prayers for all who are working to return our churches to public worship.

Most Rev John Wilson
Archbishop of Southwark

Please check here for this week mass and intentions.

If you would like to become Gift Aid Donors you can find more details here.

Dear Parents
Please contact me as soon as possible with regard to prepare new dates for your children First Holy Communion. I intend to limit the number of children receiving communion to 6 per mass, to allow you to invite close members of family for this wonderful event. Contact me with your name and address via e-mail or text on my mobile phone 077 75528926

Fr Patrick Ryan

More work needs to be done on the roof of the hall where there is serious damp on the ceiling of the Margaret Nolan room and the ceiling of the Boiler room is damaged. The roof of the priest’s house also needs to be looked at. Looking ahead the Church needs to be completely redecorated, the electrical wiring completely overhauled/replaced, together with the Sound System and Safety features updated. Some fellow Parishioners have asked, “Why now?”. Well the answer is, we have been very lucky as a Parish, with virtually no major maintenance expenditure, for over thirty years of the Church’s life, but sadly, like all buildings, that has now got to be addressed.

Please pray for all the children who were baptised during the year that their relationship with Jesus grows stronger day by day. And pray for parents that they may be true to their promise to bring up their children in the practice of the Faith. For any future – please contact me in good time (do not set a date until you have seen the priest).

  • For Baptism of infants let me know as soon as you know you are going to have a baby.
  • For Marriages – A minimum of 6 (six) months’ notice is required for the Pre-nuptial enquiry and preparation to take place.
  • If your child was baptised in this parish and you have not received a certificate, misplaced or lost it, you can still obtain a Please feel free to come and collect a replacement certificate. JPR

If you wish to offer a Mass, please write down the intention and give it to me. Envelopes are available in the sacristy.

Let us remember those who have died and their families with love and affection during this time of grief. May the Lord grant eternal rest to all who have died.
+ Carlito Caluya, R.I.P.
+ John Thompson, R.I.P.

We meet regularly in the parish for a time of prayer followed by social time. Our aim is to provide a welcoming space for young people aged 18-35 of the Sutton area; all are welcome to join us. For more information please contact the Parish Office – Tel: 0208 641 7458

In charity, let us remember to pray and care for all in the parish who are unwell:
Mervyn Maciel, Suzie Beckles, Maureen Price, Eileen Rendle, Aida Sidbal, Margaret Sully, Sheila Albutt

If you or a family member are admitted to St George’s Hospital and would like to see a priest, please contact Fr Mark Higgins, the hospital chaplain on 020 8725 3069 or e-mail In an emergency, please ask the ward staff or 020 8672 1255 (switchboard) to contact the priest on call.

Please put their hearing aids on the ‘T’ setting when in church to get the clearest reception of services.         

Kind regards, Pat McGuinness

Thank you to the Safeguarding team, who met last week to finalise and implement procedure that is necessary for this parish.Members of the various groups in the parish will soon be instructed on what they will need to do with regards to DBS check.

If you have any questions about what constitutes personal data or anything else which relates to GDPR please contact The Diocesan Finance Office via email: or call 020 7960 2500