22nd January 2022

Words do have power to heal us, to set us free, to restore our sight, to give us comfort and it happens when we pay attention to the voice of Jesus.


“Listen”, open your ears, turn off the noise, listen with an inner stillness and you will hear the Word of everlasting life. This mysterious word is made real in our Eucharistic ‘Amen,’ a sound that compels you to become what you receive. The power of the word is visible even today amid earthquakes and wars, and rumours of war, amid poverty and neglect, abuse and deceit. Do you hear it? It is the voice that awakens the conscience and it calls you into caring? The power lies in you becoming the word of God.

Your concern for the people of Tonga is evident in the concern and awareness that you have shown in your conversation and prayers. There is something in your personal generosity that drives the faith of this parish and touches the needs of the people across the world. I wonder if you are aware that your concern announces God’s powerful presence to those who listen.

At home could you make God’s word heard too? How? You could try contributing to the ministry of music, becoming a children’s catechism teacher, forming an adult catechesis group to get to know the Mass better or a scripture study group, by doing things more perfectly so that others may come closer to God through our influence, praying together with the family at home. I am sure you can find ways if you stop for a while and listen to Him.

Are you New to the Parish?
A warm welcome to Holy Family Parish. We are delighted to have you in our family and would like to encourage you to make yourself known by introducing yourself at the Parish Office in the Priests House at the back of the church. Families are welcome at ALL Masses. I feel that our Parish is a wonderful place to be in, where there is the generosity and hospitality of the many Parishioners who share their time to make things happen.
We welcome you warmly to Mass but hope that you may feel that you can add something else to the Parish and will get involved, serving coffee after mass or one of the many, other roles that exist or maybe you can create something new. We look forward to meeting you.
Keep safe.

Please see “Mass Intention” page for mass times and intentions.

Saturdays after the morning mass and in the evening from 5.30 to 5.45pm or at any other time please came up to me and ask me to hear your confession.

Last Sunday’s Offertory Collection
Cash: £244.43 and Gift Aid: £65/-
Thank you also to the kind parishioner for the donation of £50/- for the repair of the lights over the sanctuary

Dear Readers, Thank you for coming to the meeting on Saturday evening. I hope it was helpful and that you were able to draw some practical points to help you in your preparation for proclaiming the reading during mass.
If you wish to read at mass but were unable to come to the meeting, I will hold another session in mid January.
After a time of preparation, you will be inducted as Parish Ministers of the Word.

First Holy Communion parent meeting was on the Saturday 27th of November at 7.30pm.
Unfortunately, not all parents attended that meeting, so another was held on the following week on the 4th of December.
Parents, if you have not attended either of those meetings, please make an appointment to see me before the next parent meeting so that I can explain what happened at those meetings.

Children’s catechism classes: If your child missed any of the following days please let me know. Next meeting in bold letters.
Saturday 4th of December from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturday 11th of December from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturday 18th of December from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturday 15th of January 2022 from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturday 22nd of January from 4.00pm to 5.30pm
Saturday 29th of January Parent Meeting at 7.30pm (No class for the children)
Saturday 05th of February from 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Dear Parents,
Parent meetings will take place monthly on Saturday evenings for no more than 1 hour from 7.30pm. On parent evening days there will be no children’s catechism.

Every child will be required to attend catechism sessions on Saturday afternoons from 4.00pm to 5.30pm.
If your child is unable to attend a session because of illness or another reason let me know so that I can arrange to meet you on another day to help you and your child to catch up with the preparation.

The children will be prepared for two great Sacraments:
Firstly, The Sacrament of God’s Love in his Forgiveness of Sins.
Then, The Sacrament of Holy Communion – the gift of his Body and Blood.
They will also need to know the Creed, “I Believe”