Dear Parents
The long awaited day for your child to receive Communion is being set. It will take place on Saturday mornings at 10am during the month of October. I have had to reduce the number of children to 4 children per mass, to allow each child to invite up to 7 close members of family for this wonderful event. As I am now organising the date that each child will be assigned to receive communion please send me the following details to confirm that you are ready:
Your Child’s full name –
Date of Birth –
Church and Place and Date of Baptism –
Parents name and Address –

You can send these details to me via e-mail or text ONLY on my mobile phone:
077 75528926

Once I have this information I will be able to arrange the groups and inform Parents so that you can begin to arrange the decoration and cleaning of the church and other details. Each group will need a parent to take charge and help coordinate the day with the parents in their group. To make the day of your child’s First Holy Communion successful I will need your cooperation and help.

During the Saturdays of September I will be in the church from 10am to 11am for your child’s First Confession. Please bring your child to the church and it could also be an opportunity for you to receive God’s forgiveness yourself.

Fr Patrick Ryan

First Holy Communions 2020

Saturday 3rd October (Group A)

  1. Sophia
  2. Lourdes
  3. Clemence
  4. Charmaine

Saturday 10th October (Group B)

  1. Shamika
  2. Nina
  3. Jakub
  4. Ethan

Saturday 17th October (Group C)

  1. Trevin
  2. Laura

Saturday 24th October (Group D)

  1. Joseph
  2. Benjamin
  3. Mateusz
  4. Sara

Saturday 31st October (Group E)

  1. Jack
  2. Timothy
  3. Lilliana

Saturday 7th November (Group F)

Saturday 14th November (Group G)

Attendees at the First Holy Communion Mass

Father Patrick Ryan

4 x Bubbles of 7 people and Child


Max Total of 32 people per Mass excluding organist and priest.

·         First Holy Communions – will now start taking place from Saturday 3rd October 2020 through to November 2020. Due to the current pandemic they will be staggered across these months to enable all to take part as safely as possible.

·         Covid19 Guidelines – There will now be space for a maximum of 4 families per Holy Communion Mass and each family will be allowed a bubble of 7 people (maximum) at the service and your the child.

·         Re register – Please can all parents whose child is due to take Holy Communion contact me by Friday 11th September with details mentioned in the letter above.

·         Group Allocation – Groups with Names of Children and date of Communion to be communicated by 12th September.

·         Once your child’s date and Group is confirmed I would to be very grateful if Group parents could assist with organising decorations for the church by arranging Flowers and small wrapped loaves of bread which will be blessed and given to each child to take home and share with their families.

·         Holy Communion Catechism to be uploaded to website. (coming soon)

·         Biodegradable fishing net to be sourced