This month Mass times and Intentions

Sat 22nd 9.30am ~
Sat 22nd Sat 6.00pm (Sunday Vigil) ~ M Ellen Cormack, R.I.P.
Sun 23rd 9.30am ~ Pro Populo
Sun 23rd 11.00am ~ Marie Richards, R.I.P.
Mon 24th ~ No Mass
Tue 25th 9.30am ~ Annie O’connor
Wed 26th ~ 9:30am (Ash Wednesday) For All Who Are Unemployed
Wed 26th ~ 7:30pm (Ash Wednesday) For All Who Live In Poverty
Thu 27th 9.30am ~ Joan, Thanksgiving
Fri 28th 9:30pm  ~ All Souls
Sat 29th 9.30am ~ Eamon O’connor
Sat 29th Sat 6.00pm (Sunday Vigil) ~ Anne Kehoe And Family
Sun 1st 9.30am ~ Pro Populo
Sun 1st 11.00am ~ John D’souza, R.I.P.
Sun 1st 5.00pm ~ Mass in Polish language

Please note:

  • Funeral mass may supersede the intention of the day
  • “Pro Populo” literally means “for the people”