This month Mass times and Intentions

Sat 2nd 9.30am ~ Zacharia Chandy, R.I.P.
Sat 2nd 6.00pm ~ Antony Lawrence, R.I.P.
Sun 3rd 9.30am ~ Pro Populo
Sun 3rd 11.00am ~ Kevin Walsh, R.I.P.
Sun 3rd 5:00pm ~ For Polish people in Sutton (mass partly in polish language)
Mon 4th  ~ No Mass
Tue 5th 9.30am ~ Johnny Marques
Wen 6th 9.30am ~ Priest’s Intentions (Ash Wednesday)
Wen 6th 7.30pm ~ Priest’s Intentions (Ash Wednesday)
Thu 7th 9.30am ~ Holy Souls
Fri 8th  9.30am ~ Remedios Aquino, Healing
Sat 9th 9.30am ~ Florendo Ritualo Sr. R.I.P
Sat 9th 6.00pm ~ Thanksgiving, D.F.
Sun 10th 9.30am ~ Pro Populo
Sun 10th 11.00am ~ Joan Mcauliffe And Family, R.I.P.
Mon 11th  ~ No Mass
Tue 12th 9.30am ~ Family And Friends Of Doris Silvester-Paul
Wen 13th 9.30am ~ No Mass
Thu 14th 10.00am ~ Funeral Mass – Maria Addolorato Browning
Fri 8th  9.30am ~ Eileen Fingleton
Sat 9th 9.30am ~ Felicja Michalowicz, R.I.P.
Sat 9th 6.00pm ~ Kathleen Mannion, R.I.P.
Sun 17th 9.30am ~ Pro Populo
Sun 17th 11.00am ~ Joan

Please note:

a funeral mass may supersede the intention of the day

  • “Pro Populo” literally means “for the people”